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    1. Respected Mr Nandakumar ( this. Is Felicia’ Good morning sir I have completed my MA + Hotel management I have 6 years of experience in Hotel industries but after my marriage I was unable to continue but in terms of my family were they agreed to proceed my career, I am expecting job which would be suitable for me . Awating for your reply (My age 35 )

  1. Our client – Industrial heating element manufacturer requires for their Ahmadabad operations, an enthusiastic and energetic, Electrical Engineer with 2 to 3 years experience in maintenance of machinery. BE (Electrical) graduates willing to take up service/maintenance related work may apply. Selected candidates will be trained at the factory. Interested candidates are requested to call Ms. Neha Sharma 9597044477 //0443511444

  2. Leaders should avoid bringing a substantial number of former colleagues with them when they move to a new position. A leader who drags “her team” along is likely to undermine the morale of the new company. It also will be very difficult to develop good rapport with new associates and communication channels will be harder to establish. Further, you will gain more credibility as a person of self-confidence and independent thought if you do not drag along with you a group of cronies as you move from job to job.

  3. The most precious and difficult thing for a CEO to obtain is a clear view of his world. People may wish to flatter him, spare him unpleasantness or hide a failure of their own. Their intentions are not always disingenuous. It’s just that his power as a CEO tends to cause people to distort their message by bending their words and actions to earn favors. CEOs who don’t recognize this fact are doomed to failure. Don Zillioux, Ph.D.

  4. Chennai based manufacturer of modular furniture for office space – requires young and energetic Business Development Manager with 3 to 4 years experience and good exposure in promoting similar products to the Architects and Builders. Salary not a constraint for the right candidate. Interested candidates are requested to contact Ms. Neha (9597044477).

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