Pandemic Generated Opportunities

The COVID -19 Pandemic, brought in a variety of struggles. Sadly, one among them is the sudden depreciation of the job markets. With never-ending lockdowns and social distancing, industries started losing their potential and to run a business with too many employees was almost like a daydream. Corona may sound like a villain but there are always two sides to a coin. On the flip side, COVID-19 has generated many opportunities for the techno-savvy and creative generation. The pandemic brought in numerous shifts in the lifestyle of the people. A major one of them being the unusual practice of ‘Working from home’ and a rapid growth in the freelancing sector. This was the point where people underwent a serious psychological shift on their ideas about how better they could lead their life.

Here are some ways to earn during the pandemic :

A . E to E Yes! you heard that right. E to E is all about switching from an employee to an entrepreneur. There are plenty of opportunities in the existing scenario to bring out the entrepreneur in you. Begin from your home. Identify your field of interest and study more about them. Have an idea about your target segment and ways to reach them online. Register yourself under the Company’s Act of India and begin your business.

B. Digital Marketing With the rising use of E-information, digital marketing has made a space of its own. It has become a boon for many companies as it is a cost-effective form of promotion. Pay per click Ads have literally changed the whole idea of advertising and its hefty costs. How amazing is it when you can reach your target audience without much hassle and you only get to pay for your benefits. The business world is well aware of these opportunities that the digital world has in hand to offer them. Try your luck is digital marketing as it is everywhere and not really vanishing from the market any time soon

C. Online Teaching Identify your area of expertise and spend some time self analysing the teacher in you. Create lesson plans and find your students online. " Imparting knowledge is only lighting other men's candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame ". The best part about online teaching is you will have flexible working hours and you may teach as many students as you want on a single go. There are no classroom disturbances on an online platform , all you need is a stable internet connection and a passion to teach.

D. Become an Influencer Social media platforms can help you earn money if you have a good number of followers . Based on your nature of followers , you can associate with brands for their promotional activities. Guess what ! You can earn upto Rs.1 Lakh and more for a single share if you build your social media so well and attract more followers to your list. You must be continuously active and creating engaging content on your social media pages to make this possible. When entertainment and earning comes hand in hand , who would say ‘No’ .

E. Freelancing Use your skills to earn money ! Photography , graphics , animation , creative writing , content development etc. can be practiced on a freelance basis. You can work with a variety of companies and products, being a freelancer. Despite the rising unemployment rates and depreciation of the job market , there are opportunities that can be found even in the worst period of time. Learn new skills , update your digital knowledge and adapt to the evolving work environments.

It is true that the pandemic have had an adverse effect on our lives but all we can do is fight it with courage and learn to overcome the struggles that comes on our way. Thankfully , we are in an era where we no longer have to be depressed by the hardships as we may find a comfortable living almost a click away. Let us learn to be adaptive and innovative enough to build our lives irrespective of the struggles that comes on the way.

Blog created by Megha Binu